House Rules

If you are brand new to the studio, you need to know these. If you are a frequent  visitor, this is a reminder. Because we like to maintain a happy, no drama atmosphere we lead with humility and implore you to have respect for your instructors, staff, and fellow students.

No gum, food or drink allowed in the studio. No exceptions. Bottled water is of course permitted.

Absolutely no use of cellphones or electronic devices in class. Silence anything that might ring, beep, or chirp.

Excessive talking in class is rude and will not be tolerated.

No one has a designated “spot” in class. No one. We want every student to feel welcome all the time. Dance space is first come, first served. No pushing, shoving, or intimidation tactics to get a desired position.

If you arrive late to class stand in the back.

Place all belongings in a cubby. If cubbies are full put your belongings in the back of the studio not the front where the instructor is.

Make sure you pick up ALL of your belongings when you leave.

Be respectful to all front desk employees. They are not servants.

Please be sensitive to the fact that a kid’s class may be before or after yours. Watch the potty mouth.

We love our kid students but will not accept bad behavior from them.

If you are dropping off children for class,please pick them up on time. Blanks Studios staff cannot babysit your kids.

Wear shoes appropriate for the type if class you are attending and no bare feet unless specifically instructed

Our instructors are all seasoned professionals. Some of the very best in the industry. Treat them with respect. Please don’t tell them how to run their class. 

Our sub teachers are not sub human. Please be adult, and treat them as you would like to be treated. They are also seasoned professionals and are more than qualified to teach the programs they are subbing for.

If you need air conditioning or fans ask the instructor first.

When you use the restroom, please keep in mind others use it too! Be considerate (gentlemen put the seat down please) and decent.

Above all, be kind and respectful to each other. This is a creative home. We cherish your business, but it is imperative that we have harmony and give all our students a safe and fun place to dance.

Refusal to follow the House Rules may result in your dismissal from the Studio. In other words, you got to GO!

Come Dance It out with Us!

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